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Jason Bradley Live

6 November 2010 a new era for country in South Africa.

Jason Bradley proves and promises an exciting future to young and old by touching the hearts of a nation.
The preview was presented by Lance James, Bobby Angel, Billy Forest, and the Rodeo Girls, who brought memories, since 1954 to the stage. This was some of the best legends in country history. But then it happened…

Country star Jason Bradley kicked off with a full band, professional musicians, lights, smoke and the camera’s started rolling. Video screens on the sides insured that everyone enjoyed every moment! It seemed that Jason really had the crowed in his hand, moving them from laughter to tears and touching their deepest emotions.

At the end of this show, the crowd refused to let him go and applause went on and on until he had to do it one more time. Best guitarist, best country singer, best stage personality and performer, we’re looking forward in expectancy on your next show. View Gallery for more photos.