Since he showed up in the country music world in South Africa in 2003, Jason Bradley is singing everything into a compelling whole, and is quickly heading for the top. Jason Bradley is not just an undeniable country music force but with his larger-than-life personality, steely determination and proven ability, he’s a force that will continue to come.

The journey began in the small Free State town of Ficksburg where his father gave him a guitar at the age of four. He not only mastered the art of playing guitar but also various other instruments. After spending a few years in the UK where he played and sang in local pubs, he returned to South Africa in 2003 and launched his come back by indulging himself in honing his skills as a singer and guitar player and to master the true art of performing “new country” styles of playing his passion.

In 2007 Ray Thomas invited Bradley to a major Country Music Show as the “rookie” and introduced him to “Big Daddy” Lance James who was immediately impressed by his talent.
In the same year he recorded the album “We Danced” which has been well received by fans and several radio stations around the country, he followed it up with the album “Katy Brought My Guitar Back Today

In 2008 Lance James invited him to take part in an all-star line-up at the “Country Legends & Friends” show, staged at Carnival City.
Bennie Robinson further asked him to feature in the “KykNet´s” Country TV show that was scheduled for February 2009!

With his clean-cut appearance, excellent guitar picking and ability to project the true feeling of a good country song, Jason Bradley is bound to become a “Country” star in his own right!

Visit to Nashville

In October 2010 Jason was fortunate to go to Nashville for 14 days where he had the pleasure of singing with world famous song writer Chuck Jones as well as performing live with a band at Tootsies in Broadway. Jason spent all of his time in Nashville meeting producers and song writers in order to take country music in South Africa to a next level. He also met the writer Garry Hannan of “Tequila makes her clothes fall off” which appears on the title of his latest album.

Jason’s visit to Nashville was unique and in his own words: “If I stayed there for another week, I would have never come back.” Jason also had the privilege of meeting top country star, Keith Urban, as well as Kenny Rogers and Chris McHugh, who is currently the musical director for artists such as Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood and Rascal Flats.
While being in Nashville, Jason Bradley went to Memphis where the King of Rock, Elvis Presley lived, and got to see Graceland inside and out. Visit Gallery for more images.